Balvi Toothbrush  holder  Whale  Blue  colour  Adhesive  wall  adhesive  ABS  plastic/PVC  plastic

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Balvi Toothbrush  holder  Whale  Blue  colour  Adhesive  wall  adhesive  ABS  plastic/PVC  plastic

Balvi Toothbrush holder Whale Blue colour Adhesive wall adhesive ABS plastic/PVC plasticADHESIVE REUSABLE. No need to drill the wall. It includes adhesive hook. Wash with water or mild soap before using it again.EASY TO USE. Support opens and closes by itself when you put the brush or take it off.IDEAL FOR CHILDREN. fun accessory that will help children to acquire the daily habit of brushing their teeth.FUN DESIGN. Its design will add an original touch to your home…. Cookware, bakeware and dinnerware collection for all your needs, cookware sets include skillets, all pans, chef’s pan, crepe pans, sauté pans, specialty cookware, steamers, stock & pasta pots, saucepans, multipots & pasta pots, cookware accessories, pressure cookers, dutch ov

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